Monday, September 20, 2010

Unlocking dreams...

The hazy world of dreams...
Some say dreams are what we think about whole day, some say it’s what we want to achieve in the present, some connect it to the uncertain la-la land of future. Whatever it is there is some murkiness in it and there can never be a perfect answer to the gates of mind.
Why we see dreams?? There is a lot of speculation regarding dreams and their origin. Are they a way to erase those sensory impressions or ideas that were not fully worked up during the day or in plain words is it just a removal of junk from our brains? Do these dreams help in strengthening of semantic information stored in brain and thereby help in linking up distant memories??
The best possible answer regarding dreams and their origin can be explained as follows:
Dreaming is basically a state of ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ (REM) during which the unconscious part of the brain is busy processing the procedural memory; meanwhile, the level of activation in the conscious part of the brain will descend to a very low level as the inputs from the sensory are basically disconnected while sleeping. This will generate a data stream from the memory stores to flow through the conscious part of the brain which we perceive as dream. Dreams during NREM sleep are normally more mundane in comparison. The most astonishing part of dreams is that there is no "time dilation" effect; a five-minute dream takes roughly five minutes of real time to play out. This increase in the ability to recall appears to be related to intensification across the night in the vividness of dream imagery, colours and emotions. Retrieval of the happenings during a dream is better if the reclamation of the information is done just after the dream has been seen and it shrinks in proportion with the time-lag between experiencing and recouping.
By now you must be scratching your head reading such technical stuff. But the world of dreams is really mystique and dreams feel bona-fide while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we comprehend that something was actually outlandish. The clout of dreams is unfathomable and it can unify our body, soul and mind altogether. The unprecedented images, sounds, emotions and experiences have a gift of influencing an individual and do bestow us with an insight for self exploration. If dreams have such unparalleled sway why don’t we dream more? Why don’t we desire more? The difference between dreams and accomplishments is purely desire. We all have been dreaming for long; let’s start transforming those dreams into reality for a change! We all have so many unanswered queries in our life and are meandering for a way out.  
We all see a collection of false illusions but it’s infallible that all those false visions will slowly crumble up and eventually we may cross all the false delusions to bump up into a reverie that might become the missing link to all our questions. Henceforth we should never take any big decision just before sleeping... Always wait for the next morning... We may get our answers in our dreamland! Keep dreaming...


  1. kahan kho gaye the nipun ji?...achcha likha hai.
    sapno ki achchhi khair khabar li hai apne! Happy dreaming!!


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