Saturday, July 3, 2010

Worry is the dark-room where 'negatives' develop...

Mind : A galloping horse...

Lots I have in mind, lots I wanna say...
But when I try to, everything fades away.
Introspection, retrospection, circumspection...
Too much inspection I guess,
Solitude, seclusion and isolation,
Why everything seems a mess??

Stones turned, milestones reached.
Everything’s fathomable but still something irks...
Disgruntled we stand agitated and peeved,
But still our mind smirks.
Random, haphazard and indiscriminate,
Is everything receding at a faster rate??

Inside simmers and the psyche takes a stroll...
Indeed a definite reason for a brawl.
The fuzz is gone and the fizz is away...
As we monotonously pave the way.
Peace, silence and tranquillity,
The more we think, deeper is the ambiguity!

Mind will be mind, playing games...
Don’t react to expectations and blames.
Spurn the brain and stick to your heart,
Life’s a falsetto and you need fresh starts.       
Every morning will surely bring new hope,
But it’s up to us how we cope.

P.S. Reviewed, corrected and helped by my dear friend Ketaki, without whom this post was struggling to find an end... thanks yar!


  1. great dude...
    wonderful lines and very true

    it's good to see u blogging

  2. Reading your post I am reminded of a beautiful quote from a philosopher:
    "What is mind?
    Does not matter,
    What is matter?
    Never mind!"
    In my opinion, your post in a poetical manner makes a similar point.(It is a piece of literary marvel). It probably says:
    We ought not to mind our minds too seriously, and rather follow our hearts!!


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