Monday, May 31, 2010


Am I in a lost generation??
It’s as if I suddenly woke up from my profound sleep and the world turned on its head. Everything looked different and everything meant different. Have I slept so much that I have slipped into a past generation??
Every time I try to update myself to state-of-the-art generation a new one pops up as if mocking my efforts. Sometimes it feels as if I am sitting in a bowl of bursting popcorn's and being atomosophobic. Forestalling every burst as the last one to pacify my phobia, one more corn jumps up in the air to jeer at me.
Don’t you think the generation we are living in has jotted down every budding situation in this world and there are four to five pre-empt, over-hyped reactions to it. Already sorted out feelings have taken the place of spontaneous reactions. Being diplomatic is the latest fashion and stating the truth is considered acidic.
Who the hell avowed that the new Indian generation does not want to join politics?? Well the fact of the matter is that the new generation is apt for politics as it strives on being politically correct. Who needs truth these days; the thing that works better is well garnished diplomacy. The people now indulge in circumlocution rather than being straight forward, the talks are so loosely hanging that one just can’t make out to which end they point out. Risk aversion and safety first make up the boundaries of the cocoon from which the words slothfully peep out.
We say we are more erudite bunch of people now, I say we are more idiotic these days. Having no certainty in thoughts is intelligence, being ostentatious is considered trendy, hardworking means frustrated one; simplicity is being hackneyed or trite. Actually there is something wrong that has transpired into our minds. Today being insensitive to emotions is professionalism, buttering up is being a loyalist; the one who shits and giggles is the one who has guts.
With a distinct ability to puff up every boring thing into a happy go yappy thing, we have finally killed the precision of our inner feelings, though being immortal they still try to burst up the bubble in which there are still in captivity from tip to toe.
Earlier going out was really going out, not going to a mall and again being cavern or being in. I hope out becomes out for a second time. I wish I sleep all over again and when I wake up simplicity prevails, where words are exactly what they mean, where things are unerringly as they look, where meanings are singular yet another time, where feelings become butterfly once more from a shackled, cocooned caterpillar.
I just wish truth remain truth over years and we never feel shy saying it...Being diplomatic and giving truth a bloodbath is being a criminal...DONT BE ONE!!


  1. nice post. interesting.. and arguable..

    1. i dont think diplomacy is lying.. diplomacy contains a lotta truth and i think it also has spontaneity.. its just the way people want to say it at that point of time..

    2. agreed tht there are over hyped reactions and rather preemptive (as u say).. the lols, lmfaos, rotfls.. true.. they are annoying..

    3. about simplicity i think it has now incorporated with itself street smartness and intelligence ..

    everything has just evolved over a period of time.. agreed to the fact tht many are not to our liking and are wat i wud call FAKE ..

    some person or thing tht is true to itself is and should be agreeable to.. but when people try to copy or ape someone else thats when things start to go wrong..

    all in all..its evolution.. survival of the fittest... fight it out.. :)

  2. awesome answer.. agreed sir :)

    first comment from u .. so felt nicey.. u cleared my doubts well here..

  3. quite lucid content ...n interwoven text... goin great guns in writing thought provoking ideas... try out ur hands in writin may nt seem acceptabl as for now... but one day u'll realise it!!!..

  4. I agree with the diplomacy part.. its nt an essential thng to b used always..cud connect myself to sum parts of the blog..and totally agree with the comment above! strt a book soon! :)

  5. Crisply written & very well summed up in a short post :) Can totally relate and understand what you mean. I go thru this struggle/dilemma everyday but am far from turning into a criminal ;)

  6. Yeah,I agree... We are a generation of politicians without politics! Polished, cunning, businessman like, contrived...


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