Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feat of a seat...

What’s in a seat...?
Ever since mankind started taking silhouette, a strange connection started to develop between the seat and the human race. Love for the seat has exponentially amplified ever since. A seat is just a support to our heavy ass or it has a greater implication in our lives? Like every action has an equal and opposite reaction as far as the physical world is concerned, every single action in our life is also connected to some or the other form of seat. Nahi samjhe? Aao samjhata hu...
Jaise hi thode bade hone lagte hain zindagi mein padhai naam ki cheez ki entry hoti hai jiske liye hum khoob paapad belte hain...Whether it is a fight for a seat in a reputed school or be it a seat for a graduation programme, the value of each and every single seat becomes all the more important. The rate at which this important seat recedes away from us is directly proportional to each and every mark we lose in the exam.
Now comes the most significant part of our life...ROMANCE! The most coveted moments of being together with someone we love demand solitude. Romance ki to start hi cinema hall / restaurant se hoti hai...Everyone wants a middle row seat so as to have a clear central view of a movie but the most sought after place by a couple is the hot corner seat. The worth of this seat soars proportionally to the diminishing intensity of light in a cinema hall or restaurant.
A berth in a train compartment is also a type of noteworthy seat. When the train holds more number of passengers than endorsed, every inch of that seat becomes precious. Seats in a Mumbai local during peak hours, a seat in a profoundly loaded bus and a seat in the last flight to a place are some of the other forms that affect human life regularly.
However the most sought after seat in one’s life is the seat for power. Wo hindi mein kehte hain na “ek anaar sau beemar... ye kahawat sach si lagti hai yahan”! A seat in politics, seats to the apex positions in an organization, seats to the utmost ranks in government sector etc have a mammoth attraction that draws every person towards it. A frustrated person involved in a heated argument gets satisfaction only after he has spoken the last sentence in order to prove his mettle, similar to that, the hunger for a seat is satisfied only after you get it. What we don’t realize with this seat is that “with great power comes great responsibility.”
We have seen the craving for all kinds of seats but one seat that no one wants to sit on is a wheel chair. The more we strive for things the more stressful our lives become and more closer we get towards this seat. A wheelchair depicts an impaired condition of a person and excess of every desire will take us towards it.
In long course we ought to understand that acquiring something in any form will just give us fleeting satisfaction and will start an itch that will push us harder for more. More is superior but not at the cost of negligence of our responsibilities linked up with power. If we acquire power we must utilize it with great caution because our talent takes us to the top but to survive there for long, we need strong moral fibre. The ultimate satisfaction can only be harvested when the power of love surmounts the love for power.


  1. A seat in the comment's column is always available, but the seat of being the first one to do so has to be earned!
    I liked the last para most.

  2. The rate at which this important seat recedes away from us is directly proportional to each and every mark we lose in the exam.
    ......a tiny correction its exponentially proportional given 2 d rise in competition..ab competition leke aur ek post dal de


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