Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reverse engineering applied on mind...

The inordinate moon...

Numerous times in life we make mockery of small things happening around us. It’s a human nature to inosculate variety of human emotions, situations, facts and thoughts. The resulting vector like caricature is often frustration of large magnitude and phoney direction which at times becomes hard for everyone around us to comprehend. Isn’t it like ploughing the same field again and again which in the long run ruins the future crop and makes land barren forever? Analogous to that, pondering over a petite issue over again and again creates mayhem, mirage, pandemonium and a bedlam of emotions in our head. The mind suffers with a tornado of distrust and disdain from where no one can ever return back. It’s just like tipping over the yield point and touching the ultimate stress frontier once and for all. 

Once we want our psyche to be away from a subject we end up pondering over it even more and realize that the upshot is something which we never wanted. We don’t realize we are on the wrong road until we see vehicles coming towards us from opposite side at unusually large speeds. Same is the case with our thinking. Once we start our voyage to look for answers about the questions (posed with more emotions and very less basis) which we just over framed in the thin air beneath and over cooked with the fire within, we end up puzzled in the due course. We eventually head into a parallel universe giving a diagonal thinking to the problem which is even worse. 

Human thinking is like a boat floating over vast ocean of time, where flowing water is the direction where our mind wants to wander freely but we limit its movement and row it to the destination we want using paddles. Our mind works like a cumulative machine where once we presuppose something we just don’t stop but we carry on with no end in sight, building castles over weak bricks of chimera. Once wrong mentality develops it’s very difficult to fix it again. It’s just like a planet revolving in its orbit and even a small deformation in its trajectory can completely put it off its ambit.

The only way to resurrect your thinking and breathe new life into it is to follow a method well known as “Reverse Engineering”.  Reinstating step by step, every small bit to life is the only possible solution of getting mind into its flight path again. Circumnavigation backwards with continuous repair is mandatory. Mending the wrong mentality followed by curbing the inner feeling of doing wrong, doing the wicked, sinful and unethical is the first step. Now we stride slowly into the dangerous territory of distrust and disbelief. Slowly imbibing the art of keeping emotions away from logic is what we need to learn, to cross this barren terrain full of hatred, misconception, delusion and fallacy. An erroneous belief is to be killed to make logic rise from the ashes just like a phoenix. The next hurdle is to curb the policy of too much thinking and that too way wide of the mark. This can easily be done by doing good things in a good way with a good heart. When we do noble stuff it reflects in the milieu around us. It’s like being inside a long tube of fiberglass and emitting good vibes which in turn takes thousands of total internal reflection, finally reaching back to us with same intensity. The final locking stitch to the whole interwoven progression is the competence to handle trivial issues well, the wherewithal to curb the effect of small disturbing elements and quandary on oneself. At times we allow the petty things to take over our minds and we just loose all our focus and interest from the issues that really matter in our life. Mind over matter is what we need here. It’s just like performing on stage and forgetting our lines, and then making the critical decision of either looking back towards the director hiding behind the curtains or continuing on stage with some spontaneous innovation without letting others know that some error did creep in. Similar to above mentioned situation we need to balance and filter out the meaningful from the trifling, and then move on in life without allowing others to identify our Achilles' heel or a chink in the armor. Either we ought to move on unshaken and unperturbed or we should look back towards the director of the play “The Almighty God” to render us with a little more hope and strength to defy all the odds and come out winners. 

After all he helps those who help themselves..!


  1. too good man... beautiful.. :)

  2. Agreeable points...
    nicely written

  3. written with authority and at many juncture made me ponder upon the decisions i made in my past.... but it comes out really serious it missed ur zing of saying complicated things which such lightheartedness...


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