Monday, March 22, 2010

When you change your thoughts, the world around you changes...

Many times in life we come across situations where we introspect. I think we all do it a lot whether we agree to it or not. Many times there are situations where the unanswered things in life suddenly get an answer. We face a challenge and we are sure that it’s something we won’t be able to do and it just happens and we complete it somehow. Some hidden force drives us and we just don’t know how things happen. If you ponder over it again you do feel that it was not possible on that very moment but its mysterious how things connected and finalized. You might have said many times that “yar pata nahi kaise ho gaya...bas ho gaya!” And there is no answer to it because to understand someone in a situation, you need to be in that situation.
Don’t you feel alone or lost even whenever there are so many people around you? Do you feel a void or a vacuum within you which is just mystifying, inexplicable and unfathomable? We all feel a vacuum inside us and then we question our identity but as always thinking about the answers makes it even denser and coagulated. Why sometimes we feel life is going so well and out of the blue a moment comes where things turn around 180 degrees. Suddenly the rosy life becomes a pressure vessel where we are stuck and there is no way out. A nanosecond mood swing can bring about a change so drastic that our thinking comes to a standstill. The same world seems cunning and we start to foster wrong gist of life. The whole essence of well being is lost somewhere and random thoughts spawn in our brain which is the so called supercomputer.

1) We run away from so many things but they are the ones which pop up again and again, even though you tried hard enough to smother them?
2) Why sometimes you want to do so much and you end up doing nothing? 
3) Why suddenly a feeling unsaid grows strong and some day it bursts out of you, that too at a completely wrong time, wrong moment and wrong place? 
4) Why sometimes, someone you knew so well figures out to be the one, you never knew before? 
Well the answer tricks us by camouflage and it wants to remain veiled somewhere within us and is as mystical as it can get, it’s as shaman as it can be and it’s as complicated as simplicity is. We introspect, we retrospect we do all sort of things but the answer just lies within reaching distance. More we try to grab it, the farther it goes. So let it come to you rather than you probing for it, it’s like those floaters near the corner of the eyes, the more you want to catch them the more they float away. 

P.S.  If you have answers to my questions do write me back, I’ll be happy to hear you.


  1. abstract writing is a sign of maturing Mr Nipun.. very well questioned.. :)

  2. Because that's life might get some answers one day..or your life might end without any answers at all..If you are destined to get some answers,you'll get it all in right use searching for it..its good to others..people find lots of answers in that..make other's smile...

  3. well i think these are some of those universal questions about life i doubt anyone has answers!!
    At some point or other, all of us ask such questions to ourselves...maybe because we succeeded in doin smthing far good than what we expected from ourselves, or may be we failed to do what we expected,we aspired...but whatever it is we dont have answers...we just know it happened..sometimes we are glad, and sometimes just surprised!! n thats life!! ;)

  4. A matter of probability,of course!some times it so happens, at other times it happens to happen otherwise. You have to take both in your stride

  5. Dear Nipun,

    Hats off for such a beautiful post. The clarity of thoughts and the depth of the questions u posed will really puzzle the best of the thinking brains and speaking minds.

    I am sure each one of us must have experienced the feeling of emptiness in our hearts even after acheiving something we wanted so desperately.

    As per the Alchemist, the reason for achieving something assumed beyond reach is called the "beginner's luck". Infact, this mighty luck conspires with the Universe to achieve anything you want. The darker side of this mystic luck is that it lasts only as long as you keep trying and the irony is that it is only thing that makes you keep trying.

    A workaholic would never accept this viewpoint but then, let's look back at the very road we have travelled, every milestone you we have crossed so far. Is it only the internal strength that kept us walking, stumbling but still troddling on that dark path? Or was it roaring courage with a feeble voice telling us, 'keep trying'? The voice with these unspoken words is how the beginner's luck menifests itself!

    The sad part of this story, which you have rightly pointed is that even this luck brings no satisfaction and just leaves a "vacuum" somewhere deep inside us. Between the rational mind and a pristine heart, there always is a road- untravelled and unexplored.

    Life is like a bottle capped tightly brimming with hot water. This hot water is our infinite potential and the steam is the "beginner's luck". To quench our thirst, we uncap it, gulp the half of the bottle (Is this why we end up never quenching our thirst?) leaving the other half to come to our rescue at a later stage.We cap the bottle again to keep it safe from the polluted world all around us. Ever wondered what follows invariably?

    The "steam"(the beginner's luck) has now escaped from the "bottle" leaving nothing behind- just "vacuum". Now, this very "vacuum" makes us so hollow from within that "the Universe" (external atmospheric force) will crush it. This "bottle" is "the pressure vessel" u just mentioned at it definitely bursts at a wrong time. Remedy?

    "Keep the water in your bottle fuming and steaming as long as possible".

  6. this is one brilliant answer to my post..a kind of answer that defines many things..the only answer that understood my thoughts in are a very impressive writer..the example of the bottle does give meaning to my pressure vessel and tells me that you comprehended me well..

  7. I think this post had many questions than it had answers. Unless you think non-existentially, you won't find the proper answers. But then again my comment could have been rhetoric, which also is the basis of my sarcasm.

    Why do people always answer the most rhetoric of questions ?

  8. I had done this with my floaters at some point of time. They start to fall slowly. If you move your eyes with them, they go along with your eyesight.
    By analogy, we should respect and cherish whatever thoughts that come to our minds, and let them justify themselves. It is then that no thought will seem irrational, and this shall be a first step to controlling our emotions.

  9. thoughts beautifully put into words..n i superlike the anonymous ka comment :)


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